Tips For Softer Natural Hair


Healthy natural hair contains natural oils that help to keep our strands moist and hair looking shiny. If this layer of hair gets damaged you will start to notice dull lifeless looking hair and hair that is dry and brittle to touch so that soft feeling that you use to have is no longer there.

Here are some factors as to why your hair is looking dull and lifeless, you may be lacking nutritional deficiencies, you have been using harsh hair products that cause your hair to become dry, perhaps your frequently using hair dyes in your hair and it is making your hair very dry, age can have a factor in any hair problems  you maybe encountering right now, and stress is a prime suspect, you haven't been bothered to cover your hair or keep your hair out of the sun as much as possible, and so hair has been exposed to the sun or perhaps your a swimmer and chlorine in the pool is causing your hair to be dry and brittle and your experiencing breakage from that.

Heat is a major factor especially if you are using this on a daily basis, remember you are causing more damage to your hair by doing this method.

So you have been left wondering right now if it is possible to get soft and shiny looking hair? What if I told you that all things are possible but it will take a lot of effort, time and proper care if you are ready,

Let us get into this....

So here is the deal, for most of us who has very tight curls and hair that can somewhat become very dry and can feel really stiff at times, the question you will be asking is, How do I make my hair soft? What products do I need to help make my hair soft?  Well, I have some useful tips for you that will help you to obtain softness in your tresses.


This step is a great way to prep your hair before your wash day.  Pre- poo is an oil treatment applied to your hair prior to shampooing or conditioning your hair.  What this process does for your hair is it conditions your cuticles and gets it prepared for the manipulation process of washing, deep conditioning in your hair.  Many naturals that conduct this process as part of their regimen has proved that they have seen less breakage and shedding, their hair feels really soft and detangles easy, their hair is able to retain moisture and they have noticed minimal tangles in their hair.  Pre-poo treatments helps to soften the hair and strands becomes coated with the oil making detangling smooth and so much easier for your hair,

Pre-poo treatments whether done with oils, conditions or DIY blends will help to penetrate the hair and help to restore hydration levels back into your hair when you use a sulphate free shampoo when clarifying your hair, you will notice that your hair feels soft and moist.

I have noticed that when I consistently do this treatment, my hair feels extremely soft, manageable, easy to detangle and when shampooing my hair, it feels super soft, moist and detangling is a breeze, I save so much time because I have done this process beforehand.  I have noticed that when I do my wash n 'go's my curls are a lot more defined, healthy and hangs better, my wash n' go's last longer too.

My wash n go's are less frizzy, and kinks, curls and coils will clump together but I get much better definition, my hair feels fuller.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Hair rinses are great when it comes to stepping up a level in obtaining gorgeous hair, especially when doing your own mixes.  It's a fact that rinsing your hair with more than just water can provide your hair with additional benefits especially with ACV, this can help to balance your hair's pH after washing to remove product buildup.

Apple cider vinegar rinse with diluted ACV helps to remove product buildup, it makes your hair super shiny and promotes hair growth.  After shampooing your hair, rinse your hair with ACV and massage it into your hair, allow it to sit for three minutes, then rinse it out with cold water.

Coconut milk is a great hair rinse that can help bring strands back to its proper levels and you will notice that it will make your strands feel much smoother so you will get much softer hair.

Green Tea Rinse

Green tea and black tea help to reduce shedding the caffeine in them blocks the hormone DHT which causes shedding.  Green tea helps to stimulate hair growth it contains vitamin C, damageE C Panthenol which helps to restore damaged hair. See my previous post about Green Tea Rinse here


If you warm up conditioner into a microwave for a couple of minutes, then apply it to your hair first for 30 minutes before you wash and condition your hair, you will be amazed as to how soft your hair will feel.  When you shampoo and deep condition or conduct a hair rinse in your hair, if you use cold water to rinse your hair it will help to seal the hair cuticles and makes your hair smoother and softer.

Deep Conditioning

I love doing this step not only does it infuse moisture back into your hair, it strengthens my strands and provides great elasticity to my hair too.  You can deep condition your hair by doing a hot oil treatment, or a deep condition, an elasticity hair treatment or a protein treatment, whatever your hair needs do incorporate heat in the process.


Hair sprites are great in keeping your hair moisturised throughout the day it can consist of a mixture of just water, water and aloe vera, olive oil, rose water or glycerin.  Glycerin is great in attracting moisture from the air directly to your hair, so this is a great add into your hair sprites if you are longing to have your hair moisturised.
I hope these useful tips will help you to obtain super soft hair
Which one of these processes have you used? Did you find it made your hair soft?

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